Content Marketing on a Low Budget

Gaining traffic is all about effective content. We will work with you to build a bespoke, industry-focused content strategy and teach you how to continually use it to generate high-converting traffic.

Identify your market

How well do you know your market?

A deep understanding of your target market is the foundation of writing magnetic content.

We will identify your market, split them into logical, manageable groups and teach you how to write magnetic content.

Market Personas

Can you identify your average customer?

Understanding your ideal customer will help you to attract them.

To take your market research to a granular level, we will focus in on the individuals who buy your products or services and learn the problems they need/want to solve.

Unique Content

If you already write content, but you aren't getting the traffic, you may be trying to "reinvent the wheel".

These articles may suffer due to high levels of competition.

We will identify niche topics that haven't, yet, been covered and show you techniques to discover priceless content inspiration.

Quality Content

Are you producing the best content on the web? You should be!

If you want to market your content, draw traffic and gain authority in your sector, your content needs to be the best on the web.

Sometimes it's fine to cover topics that have already been done as long as you do it better. We will teach you how.

Dominate Your Niche

Content marketing will often bring hordes of traffic, but one article per topic won't cut it. You won't keep your visitors interested and you won't gain their trust and respect.

We will show you techniques that will help you dominate content topics and dominate Google's search listings.

Content Calendar

You may know what to post, but do you know when?

Posting your articles at the right time makes a huge difference. It's all about knowing what your market wants to read and when.

We will help you to break your topics down and form a content calendar to suit your schedule.

Content Outreach

Ever wonder how some websites manage to get huge volumes of traffic, social shares and site interactions?

We will help you to build the perfect outreach strategy to get eyes on your content, links to your pages and traffic on your site.

Content services

Need content, but just don't have the time to be writing it?

We can provide you with regular, high quality content that will keep your target market engaged and interacting on your website.

We work with a number of experienced writers who will write, well researched, content on a schedule that suits your budget.