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Affordable digital marketing services suitable for all business types.

Search Engine Optimisation

Improving search rankings is essentially optimising the site for visitors. Google's role is to serve its users the highest quality content that best matches the users search query. This means the website should be technically sound, have at least the minimum textual page content, be easy to navigate and should have a low bounce rate (the percentage of visitors that leave the site without taking action) as well as many other factors.

Using specialised software, we are able to quickly identify areas of the site that may not meet Google's strict requirements, discover the best key-phrases to gain targeted traffic and reveal off-site back-links that could cause your site to be penalised by search engines.

To increase our clients' success rate, we feel it is useful to coach those who manage the site — whether it be the marketing team or the business owner — as this helps to promote best practice moving forward and reduce costs.

Content Marketing

Fresh, targeted content is essential to drawing in website traffic and improving SEO. Blog content demonstrates authority and knowledge, and builds trust with your visitors. Before you start writing, it is important to know who you are writing for, what interests they hold and what problems this market are looking to solve. Once you have this information it is possible to build a content strategy. The next stage is to lay out a content calendar.

Our writers are instrumental in attracting new visitors. To put this in perspective, within just hours of publishing it is normal to draw hundreds of new visitors to the site. One of our posts last year received over 20,000 visits within the first three days. To achieve results like this an outreach strategy should also be in place.

We will help you to define your market and understand which articles will bring the most traffic to your website. If you need support in writing content, we can have some or all the content written for you — depending on your budget.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns

Before embarking on a paid campaign, we would advise you to optimise your website. We consider efforts put into paid campaigns to be (mostly) temporary while improving organic traffic draws regular visitors without added costs. That being said. Paid campaigns often yield instantaneous returns. This may be particularly useful for product launches and building followers on social channels.

We have managed many paid media campaigns funnelling traffic from both search engines and partnered sites as well as social media platforms. We will help you to avoid common mistakes — keeping your campaigns efficient.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

It is possible to have ample traffic and poor conversion. There are a number of factors in play here. Page load speed, browser errors, unfamiliar navigation, unsuitable colour schemes and even page layout are just some of the factors that can affect whether your visitors take action.

We will take you through the process of eliminating common mistake. Usability testing and split testing (AB testing) can also be used to identify anything else we can improve.