Duplicate Content

What is duplicate content and why does it matter to Google and your users?

What counts as duplicate content on a website?

Duplicate content is a term used by search engines and digital marketers alike to describe text-based content which is completely or majority duplicated, internally (within your site) or externally (on another site).

Is duplicate content bad?

Yes (most of the time). Usually duplicate content is frowned upon by search engines. Though, they do recognise that in rare cases it is unavoidable. Such unavoidable cases may be compulsory, legal statements such as disclaimers. If you need to have duplicate content on your website, whether it be from an external or internal site you may want to consider using a canonical tag to notify search engines of the original content.

Should I worry if I have duplicate content?

Yes and no. Google now states that they don't penalise sites for hosting duplicate content. However, it is likely to affect rankings and search related traffic as they may choose not to index your page. After all, why index a page they already have?

What if part of a page is duplicated?

Although I would recommend purging all duplicated content and rewording paragraphs where possible, if you still have a sizeable amount of unique content on the page, it is likely your page will still be indexed.

How do I know if I have duplicate content on our website?

If you have Google Search Console installed on your site, it’s a good idea to check your GSC account for duplicate content warnings/alerts. Also, you can try searching Google or other search engines. However, duplicate content may not me indexed. If you want to be more thorough, I offer a comprehensive duplicate content scan.