Which voice is right for my business blog?

Written on February 7, 2019

Should your blog be written in the first person?

For brands like Nike and Apple, their products are endorsed by influential people and are promoted at high-profile sporting events and on prime-time television. Thus, many of their customers are arguably using their products as an extension of their own persona/image.

As these brands are designed to make their users feel powerful/elite, a corporate, authoritative voice is most suited here.

When choosing whether to use the first person in your business blog, consider the following questions:

Should your blog have a sense of humour?

Again, this depends on the product or service that you provide for your clients or customers. At Smart Sprout we provide copywriting and content services and, therefore, a sense of humour (when it fits the content) allows us to demonstrate our capabilities.

In contrast, for a law or accountancy business, a more serious tone would likely come across better, as customers are likely seeking more fact-based and authoritative content.

If your products or services are lighthearted and your relationship to your customers is intimate, you may consider a humorous voice for your blog, but be careful not to overdo it. As with all human interaction, we naturally adapt to our situation and the subject matter, your blog should be no exception.

Should you have guest writers on your blog?

Again, this comes down to the connection that your customers have with your business. Are your customers buying you or your products? If your relationship with your customers/clients is personal (would your customers still be there if you left?), bringing in externally-written content may feel like a betrayal.

That said, carefully sourced guest posts (from industry experts) can bring credibility to your blog, adding value and a fresh perspective.

If you are considering adding guest posts to your business blog, test the water with a couple of well-spaced posts and measure the response from your readership and customers before steaming ahead with this new-found content source.

Guest posts can be a cost-effective way to generate content, crossover into new markets and generate more leads, but tread carefully, as you don’t want to alienate your current customers by becoming too distant or diluting your brand.

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