About Smart Sprout Digital Marketing

In a nutshell: A unique, results-focused agency, providing digital marketing solutions and training.

What is Smart Sprout Digital Marketing?

Smart Sprout is a small team of highly motivated, experienced experts in their respective digital marketing fields. Together, we have built an efficient, results-focused, system that can work for most industries.

Our collective skills include: expert-level search engine optimisation, paid-media (SEM/SMM), design & illustration, coaching & training, website development, copywriting, content-marketing, content promotion, email marketing, lead generation, landing page design, digital asset creation, conversion rate optimisation & user experience design.

Why is Smart Sprout different?

There is a clear knowledge gap between digital agencies and the businesses they serve.

These digital agencies offer to manage the digital campaign for a sizeable retainer fee, but this is clearly inefficient and often fails to provide substantial results.

Also, spend five minutes inspecting their workforce and you will find many of their employees (who will be working on your projects) are both young and inexperienced.

Smart Sprout bridges this knowledge gap. As well as hands on services, we provide training to bring your team on board and therefore create a level of synergy between the business and the agency.

What practical knowledge could businesses gain?

Some of us have backgrounds in management, training and mentoring.

Our aim is, not just to build a bespoke, efficient system for your business; but to continue to improve this system over time, delivering better cost to performance ratios.

By training your current staff—and even advising on recruitment—we aim to bring much of the digital marketing process in-house, reducing your costs significantly and allowing your business to progress further than was previously possible.

It is essentially your choice how much you want to bring in-house and how much you want us to manage.